Adderall Generic

Adderall generic is usually offered at lower rates than its more popular extended-release derivative – Adderall XR. Many patients with ADHD and the aficionados of Adderall “off-label” uses keep wondering why there is such difference in price between the practically identical preparations. Let’s try to figure out what are the peculiarities of the generic version and why in certain cases it is better to apply Adderall generic over Adderall XR caps.

Adderall generic bars stand for the powerful combination of the most efficacious amphetamine salts including dextroamphetamine. Initially Adderall was prescribed to women in the early70’s as an appetite suppressant then the medication was withdrawn from the use because of the unsatisfying clinical tests. However, in 1996 Teva Pharmaceuticals got an exclusive right to manufacture Adderall generic for treating the widespread attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children over 3 years and narcolepsy in adults. After few clinical researches it turned out that Adderall also belongs to the class of the so-called “smart” drugs. Due to its multiple uses Adderall generic is considered as the best-selling medication both online and offline.

Its efficacy as an ADHD treatment both for children and adult patients despite the risk of the addiction development is unrivaled, even comparing to such well-known alternatives as Ritalin, Metadate, Strattera and Vyvanse.

Another advantage of Adderall generic apart its low price and the no prescription availability in regular pharmacies is its variety of available strengths starting from 2.5mg and rising up to 30mg instant release pills. Such diversity allows setting the flexible dosage schedules for patients who use Adderall for few months and for beginners.

If you are going to apply Adderall generic pills as an anti-ADHD preparation, then you will find it effective enough to cope with such problem as the lack of attention and hyperactivity on a daily basis and will manage to save money on your long-term ADHD treatment.