Levitra – Which Erectile Dysfunction Medication Is The Best?

Doctors will normally give PDE5 inhibitor medication as their first choices for helping get rid of ED. Some of these kinds of medicines are Levitra, Cialis and Viagra.

They are all simple for users to take due to the fact all they have to do is take one about an hour before a sexual encounter. All are safe and approved by the FDA for healthy adults and are a treatment choice preferable to surgery like injections into the urethra.

None of the three are considered actually better than the other, it’s just that some men get superior outcomes when they use a particular one of them. But, every single one of the medications meant for ED actually does have its own list of pros and cons that you should know about.

When it comes to being safe, the one that has the longest history is Viagra. It has the record for the amount of testing done on it. Plus, it has been sold the longest and used by the most men around the world. But, a few things remain concerning its efficiency. In the tests, Viagra was only shown to help 70 percent of the men who used it. Plus, only 25 percent of these thought that was enough of an improvement.

Levitra And Viagra

When the other two were tested, only men who had used Viagra successfully were tested. That means it is extremely hard to figure out if all men can be helped if they take them for ED. They did, however, change the way the tests were done. Instead of using the ability to get an erection to be the standard, they changed it to being able to achieve penetration.  When this was done, Levitra and Cialis came out on top as better than Viagra.

The two medications also won against Viagra in the speed of taking effect by working in less than 30 minutes instead of taking almost an hour like Viagra does. Plus, Viagra wears off faster, usually in eight hours, while Levitra can last up to 24 horus and Cialis up to 36 hours. Some Cialis users have even said it lasted for more than 100 hours before it wore off, but this can cause issues for the men too.

Side Effects Of Levitra

Even if Viagra is trusted more when it comes to tests on ED medications, Levitra comes in next with almost as high of a safety record. Side effects of Levitra are similar to Viagra. Plus, it’s 10 times stronger than Viagra. Cialis, on the other hand, is known for the worst side effects. One of the ones most reported is backaches.  Plus, those bad side effects were reported to last longer than any caused by the other two drugs. Another problem with Cialis is that it has the strongest reaction to the PDE11 enzymes in the body and this is thought to possibly cause future problems with fertility.

Levitra And Cialis

The two drugs, Levitra and Cialis are an improvement over the drug Viagra, so may be the best ones to use, depending on your situation. But, if you already use Viagra and are getting the results you want, then you should keep taking that one. Cialis results are longer lasting than any of the others, but Levitra is considered safer because it too lasts longer than Viagra but with less bad side effects.