What Is Levitra?

Levitra is a brand name of a drug which prescribed for the treatments of sexual inadequacy and erectile dysfunction. It pertains to a category of medicines which is known as PDE5 inhibitors. Its use gives rise to the excessive flow of blood towards penis.

Owing to this pressure of blood penis gets hardened and erectile for longer durations. When man is sexually aroused this drug has an ingredient which stimulates blood to circulate vigorously towards male sexual organ.

Blood vessels which provide penis with blood swell due to excessive pressure of blood whereas those vessels which work for the expulsion of blood from penis get constricted. As a result, this blood is retained within the two chambers known as corpus cavernosa and entails the hardness and erectility of penis.

As for as the erectility of male sexual organ is concerned, it has been noted that when a man is sexually excited a chemical known as nitric oxide is produced which initiates a series of chemical changes and results in the production of an enzyme called guanylate cyclase.

The Mechanism On Which Levitra Works

This enzyme gives rise to the production of cGMP which controls the expansion and contraction of the vessels which are responsible for carrying blood from and to penis. When two chambers in the sexual organ are filled with blood they harden penis. This is the mechanism on which Levitra works.

Clinical studies show that PDE5 an abbreviation of Phosphodiesterase is an enzyme which decomposes cGMP which is responsible for the erection of penis. When cGMP is broken, it stops causing contraction and expansion of blood vessels in the penis. Levitra plays its role in stopping the decomposition of cGMP through PDE5. In other words Levitra prolongs the function of cGMP which enables penis erectility for much more time.

Levitra is being used for the treatments of erectile dysfunction and penile disorders with great success. It is approved drug by FDA and millions of people are enjoying its benefits not only in the United States but all over the world. Many clinical experiments were made on the possible effects of Levitra on human body.

It has been observed that Levitra not only functions as an agent for prolonging sexual activity but it also helps in treating diabetes with the combined prescription of other drugs. It has also been seen that patients suffering from prostrate cancer also get alleviation with the use of Levitra. However, it should be administered under the careful observation of a competent doctor because in certain circumstances it may have some side effects too.

In some users it may cause headache but not to severe extent. There may be symptoms of flushing as well as running of nose. Some time it may cause too much prolonged erection of unwanted penis erection.

Generally Levitra does not arouse sexual desire but when man is sexually triggered it works in hardening of penis to long durations.

Levitra treatment for erectile dysfunction

A person who is suffering from erectile dysfunction can enjoy its magical effects and beautify his marital life with pleasures of mutual gratification. However, Levitra can not be regarded as a drug which can remove erectile dysfunction on permanent basis but its effect may last for some hours during sexual activity.

Levitra has more prolonged effect on penis erection and is considered better than Viagra in this context. According to close experiments the magical charm of Levitra may last for more than thirty five hours on its single dose. However, the use of these drugs is strictly recommended under the instructions of a specialist physician. There are many websites ever available to you on the internet which can help you in this context.levitra which erectile dysfunction medication is the best.